This 40-page E-book is packed with practical advice for real estate investors that want to safely invest in other markets.  Similar books are often sold for $97 or more as part of investment programs!  Our family simply wanted to share our experience and knowledge after working with thousands of experienced, intelligent investors and developing the best steps for Success!

Memphis Invest brings all of the knowledge and data new investors need into one location for a powerful resource center. This e-book has been REVISED to reflect the most current trends in purchasing properties out of area. 


We are here to help you reach your financial and professional goals anyway we can!  This e-book provides concise, realistic steps to achieve your investing goals and it is our BIGGEST resource for CASH FLOW POSITIVE real estate buying. As of 2018, we manage almost 5,000 properties in 5 cities, serve over 1,700 investors and manage over $600 million in assets. We've been acquiring, renovating, renting and managing properties for over 15 years and a lot of our success came from following THESE PROVEN STEPS.


Here's what you can expect:

  • Why The House is the LAST Step of the Process - Never the First!
  • How to Choose a Great Investment City
  • How to View a City from an "Economic" Perspective Before Deciding Where to Invest
  • Why the Team You Choose Is the MOST IMPORTANT Decision for Your Investment
  • Pitfalls to Avoid as an Out-of-State Investor
  • Questions you Should Ask to Help you Get Real Answers
  • How to Interview a Turnkey Company and Choose the Right Team

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