11 Mistakes to Avoid as a Real Estate Investor

Buying rental properties can be a tricky proposition and being a new investor makes it even tougher. After acquiring almost 5,000 properties, serving over 2,000 clients and managing $600 million in assets, we know a thing or two about real estate investing. Over the past 10+ years, we've grown from a handful of employees to an 88 member team in 5 markets (Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Dallas and Houston) and we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do! And we got here by following a lot of the tips I'm sharing with you today in this video. We've heard from so many people that have learned the hard way, and we want nothing more than to help others reach their investment goals by avoiding these common real estate mistakes and protecting their investments.

Please watch this video about how to avoid the classic pitfalls made by many first time investors, you won't regret it! There's a big chance that you will learn something invaluable that will save you time and/or money on your real estate investment journey. 

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